Climate Change Adaptation in Spain: When a Plan is not Enough

By |2024-01-04T14:52:22+01:00June 1st 2021|

Reducing carbon emissions is no longer enough to reduce the effects of climate change, making climate adaptation – the process of adjustment to climate change and entailing hazards – necessary. Cristina Bernal Aparicio takes a look at Spain's climate adaptation plan, its flaws, and its potential.

Mobilising Intersectional Climate Action: Lessons from Barcelona

By |2024-01-04T14:54:32+01:00May 11th 2021|

There is growing urgency for cities to take integrated climate action that can address inequalities more holistically. Barcelona is leading the way by applying intersectional thinking to urban planning. By Ana T. Amorim-Maia

Urban Green Spaces Are Our Most Effective Tool to Improve Urban Life

By |2024-01-04T13:24:23+01:00March 10th 2020|

Rapid urbanisation also means that the game for the quality of life and the health of the citizens will be won or lost in the cities. Barcelona-based architect Eloi Juvillà Ballester analyses the potential of urban green spaces as decisive component in this game.

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