About Cristina Bernal Aparicio

Cristina Bernal Aparicio is an expert in disaster risk management and climate change adaptation, and has extended experience in digital development projects in Asia and the Pacific, in cooperation with international organisations. Given her passion for climate change adaptation and as an environmental activist, she invests her free time to research on climate change adaptation plans and sustainable development, as well as other activities to preserve the environment.

How Cities Understand the Fight Against Climate Change – An Assessment through Local Climate Change Plans

By |2024-01-04T15:10:25+01:00November 30th 2021|

Despite the importance of adapting to climate change, not many cities have a plan to tackle it. From those that do, not all contemplate climate adaptation, which is essential given the irreversible damages that climate change will bring. Cristina Bernal Aparicio takes a look at eleven local climate adaptation plans to assess if cities are ready for the climate challenges to come.

Climate Change Adaptation in Spain: When a Plan is not Enough

By |2024-01-04T14:52:22+01:00June 1st 2021|

Reducing carbon emissions is no longer enough to reduce the effects of climate change, making climate adaptation – the process of adjustment to climate change and entailing hazards – necessary. Cristina Bernal Aparicio takes a look at Spain's climate adaptation plan, its flaws, and its potential.

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