Infrastructure Transparency in Metropolitan Kampala

By |2021-09-09T14:13:59+02:00September 9th 2021|Urban & Metropolitan Governance, , , , |

Efforts for infrastructure development will be in vain if the public is not involved in the process. Olive Kabatwairwe with meaningful insights and best practices from Uganda.

Global Partnerships for City-Scale Challenges: the Karlsruhe-Kampala Climate Partnership

By |2021-08-18T10:27:36+02:00August 18th 2020|Decentralisation, Global Urban Debates, Multi Stakeholder Partnerships, , , , |

Evolving cross-border cooperation shows that trans-boundary action can help individual cities address local challenges. Emana Nsikan-George from Climate Alliance highlights the development of decentralised municipal cooperation and provides a promising example from Uganda and Germany.

Kampala’s Inspiring Journey Towards a Cycling-Friendly City

By |2020-05-14T11:13:17+02:00May 14th 2020|Urban & Metropolitan Governance, Urban Mobility, , , , , |

Uganda’s capital leads the way towards an increasingly popular mode of transportation: biking. In times of urbanisation, recent policies indicate a shift towards greater sustainability. Amanda Ngabirano, Vice President of the World Cycling Alliance, highlights the developments in the city of seven hills.

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