About Emana Nsikan-George

Nsikan-George Emana is the Programme Coordinator of Transboundary Climate Partnerships with Climate Alliance, Frankfurt. In this role, she has supported African signatory cities in elaborating their energy, mitigation, and adaptation plans at the city level within the framework of the Covenant of Mayors, sub-Saharan Africa. Through her discussion papers, she has encouraged trans-boundary climate partnerships for engineering, digital innovations, and exchange of best practices. Emana is a thought leader on strategic approaches to trans-boundary partnerships through the participation of green investors from European municipalities towards commoditising smart technologies and digital solutions in African municipalities. She has over 13 years of experience in technical cooperation, climate change research, and policy debates.

Smart City: Is Africa Ready? Echoes from African Urban Slums

By |2024-01-04T14:13:39+01:00November 12th 2020|

Everyone wants to go smart. But Emana Nsikan-George warns against creating a new class of unfit-for-smart-city urban dwellers, especially when African cities are still struggling with fundamental development goals. A thought-provoking tale of smart fantasies and urban realities.

Global Partnerships for City-Scale Challenges: the Karlsruhe-Kampala Climate Partnership

By |2024-01-04T13:47:25+01:00August 18th 2020|

Evolving cross-border cooperation shows that trans-boundary action can help individual cities address local challenges. Emana Nsikan-George from Climate Alliance highlights the development of decentralised municipal cooperation and provides a promising example from Uganda and Germany.

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