The World Needs to Get to Grips With Urban Crisis Response

By |2022-06-28T13:45:26+02:00June 17th 2022|Global Urban Debates, , , |

Filiep Decorte, Director for Emergency Response, UN-Habitat, outlines how WUF11 has adapted its programme in response to the war in Ukraine.


Rebuilding Aleppo as a Liveable City: The Role Of Cultural Heritage

By |2022-05-29T20:34:32+02:00May 24th 2022|Economic Development, , , , , |

How to rebuild a city after a devastating war? Dalia Mokayed emphasises the crucial role of cultural heritage.

Integrated Approaches to Reconstruction: Safeguarding Heritage And Rebuilding Lives

By |2020-02-06T09:08:53+01:00February 6th 2020|Basic Infrastructure & Housing, Global Urban Debates, , , |

Rebuilding cultural sites that were destroyed in armed conflict needs to be an essential part of urban reconstruction policies. However, as Shadia Touqan argues, rebuilding these sites cannot be addressed in isolation from what should be any policy's priority: protecting the lives of the people who live there.

Why Culture Matters in the Reconstruction and Recovery of Cities

By |2020-02-04T09:22:00+01:00February 4th 2020|Urban & Metropolitan Governance, , , , |

With an ever bigger urban population being affected by both natural hazards and armed conflict, policy makers and practitioners need to develop effective strategies for the reconstruction and recovery of cities. Ahmed Eiweida, Christianna Brotsis, and Yuna Chun argue that it is imperative for such strategies to take culture into account.

My City in Crisis: The Struggle to Reconstruct

By |2019-12-10T10:28:35+01:00December 10th 2019|Basic Infrastructure & Housing, , , , |

As densely populated urban areas like Homs, Raqqa, and Idlib in Syria continue to be the site of years-long armed conflicts, architect Ammar Azzouz argues that cities must not wait for post-conflict reconstruction plans. Rather, amidst destruction, ideas for the cities of tomorrow should be developed.

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