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Poverty and Hunger

Planning in the Shadow of Colonialism: India’s Balancing Act

By |December 5th 2023|Basic Infrastructure & Housing, Housing & Informality|

Explore how colonial legacies perpetuate inequalities in access to resources like housing and food in contemporary Indian cities. Join Utkarsh Sharma in unraveling this narrative and seeking paths to decolonisation.

Poverty and Hunger

The Right to Food: School Feeding Initiatives and Inequality in Kenya’s Urban Informal Settlements

By |November 30th 2023|Housing & Informality, Youth & Gender|

Interconnected crises are fuelling food insecurity and negatively impacting children the most. Serah Kiragu-Wissler is convinced: School feeding programmes can push processes towards the realisation of a right to food.

Migration and Climate

The Right to Liveability: Tackling Suburban Spaces and Peripheral Settlements

By |November 14th 2023|Urban & Metropolitan Governance|

Embark on a journey through Queretaro's urban transformation with Jorge Javier, where migration and climate challenges inspire pivotal changes. Uncover the compelling reasons driving transformative urban shifts for a sustainable and climate-resilient cityscape.

Migration and Climate

Climate-induced Displacement: Loss and Damage in Bangladesh

By |November 7th 2023|Climate Change & Resilience, Global Urban Debates|

As climate change exacerbates displacement and loss in Bangladesh, Saleemul Huq and Lutfor Rahman call for a collaborative global effort to address loss and damage funding. The upcoming COP28 in Dubai may be a game changer.

Climate Adaptation

Local Wisdom, Global Impact: The Cape Town Water Project

By |November 2nd 2023|Climate Change & Resilience, Water & Sanitation|

Community-level capacity building and knowledge co-creation are key to resilience and justice. Join Gina Ziervogel as she takes us to explore the Cape Town Water Project.

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