About Donovan Storey

Dr Donovan Storey is currently Head of Global Policy and Influence at Reall, where he works on influencing and leveraging key stakeholders to bring about changes which transform global affordable housing markets through innovative solutions, including those which create synergies between affordable and climate-smart housing for the bottom 40 per cent. Before joining Reall, Donovan was Deputy Director and Urban Lead at the Global Green Growth Institute, worked for the United Nations and taught urban planning, environmental management, and development management at several universities. He has a PhD in International Development and postgraduate qualifications in Public International Law.

Resilient Cities are Green Cities

By |2024-01-04T13:51:59+01:00July 2nd 2020|

COVID-19 has strengthened our understanding of the vital relationship between healthy environments and the need for sustainable infrastructure. Donovan Storey from the Global Green Growth Institute reminds us that it is precisely in times of crises that we should commit to more holistic and ambitious green transformations.

Circular Economies as an Answer to the Waste Crisis: Lessons Learnt

By |2024-01-04T09:38:11+01:00April 21st 2020|

The world’s cities have a critical role to play in supporting global sustainability efforts and tackling climate change. Effective waste management lies at the very core of these ambitions, says Donovan Storey from the Global Green Growth Institute.

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