About David Jácome-Pólit

David Jácome-Pólit, Master of Science with double specialisation in architectural engineering and technology in sustainable development (TU Delft). He currently holds the position of Metropolitan Director of Resilience and Chief Resilience Officer as part of the 100 Resilient Cities initiative. He is the former resilience advisor to the United Nations Development Program in Quito and member of the Esteemed Program Committee for the ICLEI's Resilient Cities 2018/2019 Congress, organized by ICLEI and member of the Advisory Group for the Communities and Affordable Homes Summit (US Green Building Council).

Resilience After Covid19 – A System-Thinking Approach

By |2021-11-04T10:39:26+01:00June 18th 2020|Climate Change & Resilience, Global Urban Debates, Urban Health, , , , , , |

Resilience needs to be a priority in shaping the post-pandemic future, argues David Jácome-Pólit, outlining the advantages of system-thinking in urban planning.

Empowering Communities to Build Resilience: Quito, Ecuador

By |2019-10-01T09:24:27+02:00October 1st 2019|Climate Change & Resilience, Urban & Metropolitan Governance, , , , , |

Quito, Ecuador is facing a variety of natural hazards, making it imperative to develop proper resilience strategies. David Jácome Polit, the city's Chief Resilience Officer, explains why any such strategy has to be based on a neighbourhood's social structure.

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