Jakarta’s Pandemic Water Stress: Hitting the Economy and the Urban Poor

By |2020-09-30T09:05:53+02:00September 30th 2020|Urban Health, Water & Sanitation, , , , |

The Covid-19 pandemic increases the already existing water scarcity in Indonesia's capital, affecting already disadvantaged inhabitants most of all, writes Akash Sahu.

Infographics: Urbanisation and Urban Development in Indonesia

By |2021-11-04T11:56:44+01:00August 6th 2020|Global Urban Debates, , , , , |

URBANET's latest infographic series on urban Indonesia invites our readers to explore facts and figures about urbanisation in this fascinating island state.

A New and Better Normal for Urban Mobility in Indonesia

By |2020-05-20T08:47:32+02:00May 20th 2020|Urban Mobility, , , , |

Indonesia is not spared from the COVID-19 global pandemic. For urban mobility planners, however, this unfortunate pandemic presents a unique opportunity to reflect on our public transport efficiency and resiliency strategies and shape a new and better normal.

The Forgotten Water – The Role of Decentralised Wastewater Management in Jakarta’s Socio-Ecological System

By |2019-04-02T11:49:29+02:00April 2nd 2019|Water & Sanitation, , , , , , , |

Jakarta has responded to regular flooding by proposing gigantic infrastructure projects such as sea walls to keep the water at bay. But the main problem is that the city does not consider the land-water ecosystem as a whole, says Prathiwi W. Putri.

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