Learning from peers – Shaping Africa’s urban development

By |2023-12-19T14:27:57+01:00October 5th 2016|

In September 2016, Cities Alliance organised a workshop in Accra, Ghana, to encourage mutual learning between Cities Alliance’s members and active partners in Africa and to create synergies and increase collaboration efforts. The official delegation from Mozambique used this opportunity for an extended study trip in order to exchange with their Ghanaian peers.

PrepCom III in Surabaya: Finding a joint position on the New Urban Agenda

By |2023-12-19T12:16:29+01:00August 23rd 2016|

PrepCom III held in Surabaya in July 2016 was supposed to finalize the New Urban Agenda. However, finding a common ground on the institutional framework that enables urban development and on the follow-up of the New Urban Agenda turned out to be difficult, and the draft is now expected to be finalised during informal consultations in New York.

Cities Alliance: The power of partnerships

By |2023-12-19T10:33:18+01:00July 21st 2016|

Cities Alliance is a global partnership for urban poverty reduction and the promotion of the role of cities in sustainable development. A joint video highlights the crucial role of partnerships in achieving poverty reduction in cities and implementing the New Urban Agenda.

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