Inclusive Policies need Inclusive Policymaking – Participatory Budgeting in Cameroon

By |2024-01-04T13:48:04+01:00August 11th 2020|

Participatory Budgeting bridges the gap between governments and their people. Jules Dumas Nguebou and Achille Noupéou uncover what happens when disadvantaged Cameroonians suddenly have a say over city spending.

Through the Gender Lens: Recommendations for Municipal Waste Management

By |2024-01-03T16:19:06+01:00April 16th 2019|

In Bamenda, Cameroon, municipal waste management remains blind to how gender roles shape waste generation. Hedwig K. Ngwa Akum analyses how bridging the gender gap between waste generation and waste management would improve sanitation in the city.

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