Offering Affordable Housing in Egypt Through Microfinance

By |2024-01-04T16:28:44+01:00July 26th 2022|

Access to housing finance is an enormous challenge in Egyptian cities. Raed Fares and Safa Ashoub portray the approach by Habitat for Humanity Egypt: a microfinancing programme that also offers technical assistance and ensures to include local communities.

Maximising the Impact of Urban Development in Cairo’s Informal Settlements

By |2024-01-04T14:07:28+01:00February 16th 2021|

International development efforts must be designed with long-term impacts in mind. Dr Hassan Elmouelhi provides insights into the Egyptian context and asks an all-important question: Is international development overlooking critical opportunities? 

Gender, Precarity, and Inequality in Cairo’s Neighbourhoods

By |2024-01-04T09:01:20+01:00November 18th 2019|

Cities are experienced differently by their residents due to a multitude of factors. Analysing several neighbourhoods in Egypt's Greater Cairo Region, Professors Diane Singerman and Danielle Higgins call for an intersectional approach that considers gender, employment status, and geography when trying to understand causes of urban inequality.

Monuments for Our Neighbourhood: How Urban Conservation Contributes to Liveable Cities

By |2024-01-04T09:01:57+01:00November 12th 2019|

How does the preservation of cultural heritage link to a city's well-being? May al-Ibrashy, coordinator of Cairo-based initiative Athar Lina, describes how urban conservation can become a tool for urban development.

Infographics: Urbanisation and Urban Development in Egypt

By |2024-01-04T08:40:02+01:00October 22nd 2019|

URBANET's latest infographic series takes you to Egypt, offers interesting facts and figures about urbanisation and urban development – in a country that already saw cities and urban life 5,500 years ago. Urban and Rural Population The graphic displays the growth of Egypt's rural and urban population. Today, more Egyptians are living in rural

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