About Taibat Lawanson

Taibat Lawanson is Professor of Urban Management and Governance at the University of Lagos, Nigeria where she leads the Pro-Poor Development research cluster, and serves as co-director of the Centre for Housing and Sustainable Development. She holds a PhD in Urban and Regional Planning from the Federal University of Technology, Akure, Nigeria. Her research focuses on the interface of social complexities, urban realities and the quest for spatial justice in Africa. She is well known for her inter-sectoral work which engages students, policymakers, local communities and civil society actors

Lagos: The Gaps Between Urban Policy and Urban Reality

By |2024-01-02T15:49:26+01:00October 30th 2018|

In Lagos, Nigeria, Public Private Partnerships (PPP) are common in urban planning projects. But whom do they benefit: people or profit? Dr Taibat Lawanson argues that the city's urban development strategy focusses too much on PPPs and thus favours profit over people – and calls to the state government to shift its focus back to a policy that benefits all citizens.

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