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Sebastian Malter is a climate resiliency expert based in Philadelphia, U.S. He has vast experience climate change vulnerability and risk assessments. He has served as a project manager and expert on several water resource and climate change-related projects in South America, South-East Asia and the United States. Sebastian lived in Central Vietnam and worked as a component manager of GIZ’s Flood Proofing Program. He is currently working as a climate resiliency expert supporting municipalities and utilities across the U.S. in their adaptation and resiliency efforts. He is not only passionate about water and the environment but also about capacity development as well as approaches and mechanisms to enable and facilitate institutional and systemic change in a sustainable way.

How Can Urban Flood Management in Vietnam Become More Sustainable?

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More than one third of Vietnam's population is living in cities, requiring effective sanitation and stormwater services. Yet their provision is limited, with an estimation of less than 10 per cent of wastewater being treated in urban areas. Sebastian Malter argues that a diversification of drainage systems will support sustainable urban development.

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