About Richard Weller

Richard Weller is the Martin and Margy Meyerson Chair of Urbanism and Professor and Chair of Landscape Architecture and Co-Director of the McHarg Center for Urbanism and Ecology at The University of Pennsylvania. Weller sits on the board of the Landscape Architecture Foundation (LAF) in Washington and is the founder and Creative Director of the interdisciplinary journal of landscape architecture LA+. In 2017 he was voted by ‘Design Intelligence’ as one of North America’s most admired teachers. Weller’s Design Research and Writing can be found at http://richardweller.net/design-research/.

Hotspot Cities

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In the UN Convention of Biological Diversity, 196 nations have agreed to put 17% of the earth’s surface under protection. Author Richard Weller calls for additional land to be protected in the world’s “hotspots”, where biodiversity is threatened by urban sprawl. In his text, he discusses why regional ecology is an issue for urban planning.

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