About Prabha Khosla

Prabha Khosla holds a master’s degree in urban planning and has over 15 years of experience working in cities with women, communities, local governments, public utilities and other urban stakeholders. Her work has been focused on urban sustainability, gender equality and pro-poor planning and governance, water and sanitation, participatory and environmentally sensitive planning, gender mainstreaming, development of training materials on urban and gender issues, and capacity development of elected officials, municipal staff, and civil society partners on sustainability, gender, governance, and water and sanitation.

A Place Like Too Many Others: Gender Inequality in Bawana, Delhi

By |2020-06-22T12:24:34+02:00March 8th 2019|Basic Infrastructure & Housing, Water & Sanitation, Youth & Gender, , , , , , , |

In urban settlements around the world, city administrations struggle, and often fail, to provide essential services, safe spaces, and socio-economic securities to residents. While this poses difficulties and dangers to all inhabitants, the consequences of such neglect are especially severe for low-income women and girls.

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