About Michal Lakomski

Michal Lakomski is the Mayor's Proxy for Smart City and the Director of Digitalization and Cybersecurity for the city of Poznań. He is a graduate of Poznań University and a respected smart city expert. Michal has been the driving force behind Poznań’s digital transformation since 2017, being responsible for the implementation of innovative systems and e-services for both the residents of Poznań and the employees of Poznań City Hall. Michal is a champion of innovation, with a keen interest in open data and new technologies. He is a regular speaker at national and international conferences.
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How to Build the Intelligent City of Tomorrow

By |2024-01-04T15:19:30+01:00February 15th 2022|

Citizens everywhere are increasingly demanding that their cities become more ‘intelligent’ and intuitive. Michal Lakomski, Director of Digitalisation and Cybersecurity of the City of Poznań, on building the smart city of tomorrow.

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