About Mathilde Bouyé and Delfina Grinspan

Mathilde Bouyé leads research and technical assistance projects to help countries jointly implement their climate plans and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and achieve equitable and just climate transitions. Prior to joining WRI, Mathilde served as International and European Affairs advisor to the French Environment Minister, acted as coordinator of the French task force for UN negotiations on the SDGs, and was advisor to Jean-Michel Severino in the High Level Panel on the UN post-2015 agenda. Mathilde holds a master's degree in EU International Relations, Diplomacy, and Law. Delfina Grinspan is a Research Analyst at World Resources Institute, working jointly with the Climate Program and Governance Center. She conducts research and supports in-country technical assistance projects to promote alignment between the sustainable development and climate agendas. Delfina holds a B.A. in International and Area Studies with a minor in Chinese Language from Washington University in St. Louis.

‘Leaving No-One Behind’ in Urban Climate Actions

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Home to an increasing majority of the world’s population, cities are at the forefront of the fight against climate change and rising inequality. While it is recognised that these challenges need to be tackled together, one can also witness a growing awareness of the trade-offs that can occur in cases when urban climate projects insufficiently cater for the needs of vulnerable communities. Mathilde Bouyé and Delfina Grinspan outline how climate projects need to be designed in order to leave no one behind.

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