About Luke Metelerkamp

Luke coordinates AfriFOODlinks, a network of 65+ Cities working on urban food system transformation. Before joining ICLEI, he spent 14 years actively immersed in civil society organisations and fledgling research institutes, working at the forefront of transdisciplinary research and transformative learning, and specialising in urban food security programmes, food systems governance and social-learning processes.
Informality and Social Protection

Local Solutions, Global Impact: Municipal Markets and Climate Action

By |2024-01-23T18:40:13+01:00January 23rd 2024|

How can local communities and governments work together to foster a sustainable future in Africa's food systems? Luke Metelerkamp explores how municipal fresh produce markets, vital for many informal workers, actively tackle food waste, reach organic waste targets, and embrace low-emission technologies.

Just Transition

Trading to Eat: How The Informal Economy is Hunger-Proofing Africa’s Cities

By |2024-01-05T12:48:12+01:00January 31st 2023|

In many African cities, informal food traders sell everything from fresh produce to fried chicken feet at affordable prices to people who need the food most. Luke Metelerkamp is convinced: informal trading is hunger-proofing Africa's cities, arguably providing the continent's largest nutritional safety net.

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