About Julian Baskin

Julian Baskin is the Principal Urban Advisor of Cities Alliance. He is a town and regional planner, with over 30 years of experience in urban programming, with a focus on participatory planning, slum upgrading and affordable housing. Prior to joining Cities Alliance in 2009, Julian served as Director of the Alexandra Renewal Project, a major urban redevelopment initiative of a slum settlement of some 400,000 inhabitants in Gauteng Province, South Africa. He has also worked for CARE International, UN-Habitat, the Cities of Durban and Johannesburg, and has lived and worked on slum upgrading in Mozambique, Bangladesh and Angola.

Infrastructure: Ensuring No One Is Worse Off

By |2021-09-07T11:52:08+02:00September 7th 2021|Basic Infrastructure & Housing, , , |

Relocations and resettlements are often inevitable. But how can we protect the most vulnerable along the way? By Julian Baskin, Principal Urban Advisor, Cities Alliance

Healthy Cities? The Coronavirus Has Burst The Bubble

By |2021-02-23T15:55:14+01:00June 30th 2020|Global Urban Debates, Urban Health, , , |

Urban planning for healthier cities has existed for millennia. Yet the current pandemic lays bare the truth: a billion people cannot comply with even the most basic containment strategies. Julian Baskin, expert in participatory urban planning, explains what is going on and how to move forward.

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