About Gizem Caner

Gizem Caner is a lecturer at Cyprus International University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture. She holds a PhD degree in Urban and Regional Planning from Istanbul Technical University with an emphasis on the spatiality of conflict, multiculturalism, and post-conflict planning. She has professional experience in disaster risk management, urban regeneration, and master planning in numerous Istanbul districts. She was involved in a capacity-building exercise for Gaza and the West Bank, under the joint forces of UNDP, UN-Habitat, and ISOCARP.

Divided Cities and the Need to Move Forward

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Almost every major city is heterogeneous in terms of culture and ethnicity. This implies that every city is divided to a certain extent. Yet, there are some cities that are ‘more’ divided than others. Gizem Caner analyses development patterns of such extremely divided cities, using examples from Beirut, Berlin, Jerusalem, Nicosia, and Belfast.

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