About Doug Woodring & Trish Hyde

Douglas Woodring is Founder of Plasticity Forum, a global forum bringing about applied plastic circular economies, and the Founder of Ocean Recovery Alliance, a solutions focused NGO dedicated to a better Ocean. He is a sustainability economist with more than 20 years’ business, finance and circular economy experience across the globe, but with deep roots in Asia where he is based. Trish Hyde is Founder of The Plastics Circle (a circular economy innovation and application firm) and Founder of PlastX (a Tech Startup for businesses to buy the specific recovered plastic they need, direct from a community of paid collectors). She is an accomplished business leader and adviser with global knowledge and expertise in circular economies and operational performance.

From Plastic Waste Trade War to Circular Economy

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Plastic pollution is an enormous environmental problem around the globe. It is only through the creation of functioning local and global circular economies that the problem can be solved. Doug Woodring, founder of Plasticity Forum and Trish Hyde, founder of The Plastics Circle, suggest a 5-point-plan to optimise plastic's Second Life potential.

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