About Danilo Antonio

Danilo R. Antonio is the lead and coordinator of country operations and tools development of the Global Land Tool Network (GLTN) Program. For 10 years, he has worked with UN-Habitat on various global, regional and country interventions. His works has included supervising projects, land tools development (e.g. STDM, participatory enumerations, land use planning, etc.), network coordination, capacity development, knowledge and awareness building. Danilo R. Antonio is a land surveyor by training and holds a Master's degree in Land Tenure and Land Management from the Technical University of Munich, Germany. Prior to joining UN-Habitat, he held senior government positions in large-scale land governance programs in the Philippines.

Land Governance: Catalyst for Sustainable Urban Development

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Without land reforms, sustainable urbanisation is set to fail, argues Danilo Antonio from UN-Habitat. In his article, he outlines the conflicting interests around land governance issues and points out ways to secure land access and property rights for all urban dwellers.

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