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Dan Lewis is the Chief of the Urban Risk Reduction Unit, UN-Habitat. He has worked for UN-Habitat since 1997 based in Somalia, Kosovo and Nairobi, and has managed the global portfolio of disaster and conflict related work of the Agency since 2002. As a civil engineer and private consultant, he has worked in urban reconstruction and housing programmes in South Africa and Chile as well as with First Nations communities in his home region on Vancouver Island, Canada since 1987. He is currently leading the UN-Habitat global Urban Resilience Programme designing new standards for measuring and monitoring the resilience of cities. The City Resilience Profiling Programme, and its associated projects and team, are based in the Risk Reduction Unit’s programme office in Barcelona, Spain.

Can a city become resilient? If so, to what and how?

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In the process of developing an urban resilience strategy – one that answers these questions, one that addresses the concerns of planners, developers, mayors, local government personnel, investors and concerned citizens – inevitably more questions arise. The most important one is arguably the question of 'resilience to what and why?' This was also discussed during the recent Resilient Cities Conference 2017 in Bonn.

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