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Dr Cecilia Tacoli is a Principal Researcher at the Institute for Environment and Development. Her work explores how the relations between rural and urban areas, people and enterprises are transformed by urbanisation processes. She has written and edited several publications on this topic, including The Earthscan Reader in Rural-Urban Linkages, and has researched the links between migration, environmental change and urbanisation with partners in Africa, Asia and Latin America. She is especially interested in how these transform gender relations, and their impact on urban and rural food consumption and insecurity. She has served as lead/contributing author in the IPCC 5th Assessment Report.

Small towns, rural-urban linkages and regional development

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Regional development that includes urban and rural areas, people and enterprises is crucial for sustainable development. This is especially the case for low and middle income countries undergoing the urban transition, and for countries where employment opportunities need to be created in both urban and rural areas for a growing and youthful population.

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