About Ayikai Poswayo

Ayikai Poswayo is programme director at Amend, a non-governmental organisation which focusses on road safety in Africa. The role involves leading the implementation of Amend’s SARSAI (School Area Road Safety Assessments and Improvements) program across nine countries on the continent. Prior to joining Amend, Ayikai worked as a traffic engineer for consultancies in the United Kingdom and Ghana. She worked on a variety of projects including pedestrian, cyclist and bus priority schemes, from feasibility stage to construction.

Urban Design and Child Road Safety

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Walking to school is a life-threatening endeavour to many African children, where road safety measures – if existent at all – fail to recognise the special needs of children. Ayikai Poswayo, Programme Director at Amend, outlines what urban engineering needs to focus on to make cities safer for children.

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