About Alfonso Cabrillo Losada & Ilia Varvaroussi

Alfonso Cabrillo Losada was born and grown in Santander, Spain, into a family of architects. He studied to become MSC in Civil Engineering and has developed a career in infrastructure public investments, institutional development, and policy and strategy analysis in developing countries. After having successfully worked for more than 15 years at the European Commission, Alfonso took a career break to develop new ideas and innovative approaches in the area of urban transformation and housing, and to contribute to the creation of a think-and-do tank specialized in public policy in Mozambique. Three years ago, he started Casa Minha Lda. with his brother and a small group of Mozambican architects and engineers. Ilia Varvaroussi is Greek, was born in Paris, and has grown up in Brussels. She received her MSc in Architecture from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki before working in Tokyo and London for award-winning practices. After building a solid base of professional experience, she decided to travel to Southern Africa to explore issues of Architecture and Development. In Mozambique, the project “Casa Minha Nosso Bairro” immediately drew her attention and she decided to work there as a volunteer for 4 months. She now lives in London and is preparing for the next phase in her career.

Casa Minha Nosso Bairro: Inclusive Urban Development in Maputo, Mozambique

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Projects aimed at the upgrading of settlements often face the question of how to increase living standards for all residents – while keeping housing costs at a level affordable for the original population. The initiative "Casa Minha Nosso Bairro" takes an innovative approach towards this issue, aiming at living conditions that nurture a peaceful living environment for all urban residents

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