The Case for Gender Approaches to Urban Resilience – Experience from Coyuca, Mexico

By |2024-01-04T09:00:58+01:00November 21st 2019|

A commitment to applying a ‘gender perspective’ to climate-smart planning in Coyuca, Mexico, brought to light some uncomfortable truths about bias against women. As a result, local government, researchers, and community members are more aware of how women’s and girls’ wellbeing must be addressed through climate resilience programmes.

Gender, Precarity, and Inequality in Cairo’s Neighbourhoods

By |2024-01-04T09:01:20+01:00November 18th 2019|

Cities are experienced differently by their residents due to a multitude of factors. Analysing several neighbourhoods in Egypt's Greater Cairo Region, Professors Diane Singerman and Danielle Higgins call for an intersectional approach that considers gender, employment status, and geography when trying to understand causes of urban inequality.

Let Them Play! Nairobi through a Child’s Eye

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The number of children living in urban areas is on the rise. However, this is not reflected in cities' infrastructures. Rapid development is shrinking the amount of suitable and safe play areas for children. Using Nairobi as an example, Peninah Ndegwa, founder of Wow Mom Kenya, reflects on why and how cities should become more child-friendly.

Setting the Stage for the Next Frontier of the Municipal Movement

By |2024-01-04T08:38:03+01:00November 7th 2019|

In the spirit of equality, Durban will be the theatre of the largest gathering and most important triennial event for cities and local and regional governments across the world: the 2019 UCLG World Congress and World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders. Responding to the current main challenges that are facing local or regional governments from around the world, the summit will put equality, and in particular, gender equality, at the heart of its ambitious programme.

Cultivating Urban Queer Inclusivity in Berlin, Nairobi, and Santiago

By |2024-01-04T08:38:29+01:00November 5th 2019|

“Queer cities” and queer urban spaces can accelerate inclusivity and safety for all. This article by Katie Cashman and Waldo Soto relates queer expression to urban life by way of the impressions of queer* citizens in three cities: Santiago, Berlin, and Nairobi.

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