Spotlight on: Just Transition

Building Resilience in Bangladesh’s Informal Settlements

By |2023-02-27T17:36:36+01:00February 21st 2023|Climate Change & Resilience, , , , , |

The impacts of climate change are heavily felt by urban dwellers in Bangladesh – especially in the informal settlements of fast-growing cities. The ERUP project aims to provide solutions that will enable communities to build resilience against the negative effects of climate change.

Spotlight on: Just Transition

A Green Urban Oasis for Los Cabos, Mexico

By |2023-02-27T18:01:58+01:00February 14th 2023|Climate Change & Resilience, , , , , |

A neglected park turns into a green oasis. Over 200 residents are joining in to stop soil erosion, absorb rainwater, and turn their park into a place for encounter and environmental education.

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