Housing as Healthcare: COVID-19, Affordable Housing, and Urban Resilience in Asia

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To ensure that cities are healthy, residents need access to affordable housing, argues Andrew Jones from Reall – a social enterprise, innovator and impact investor that has been at the forefront of affordable housing for decades.

Migrants Hold the Key to Urban Resilience and COVID-19 Recovery

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Migrants are critical to the resilience of cities all over the world and simultaneously some of the most vulnerable urban dwellers when disaster strikes. Michele Acuto and Daniel Pejic from Connected Cities Lab explain why addressing urban migrant vulnerability strengthens the resilience of cities and fast-tracks our recovery from COVID-19.

Relaxation, Happiness, Health – Why We Need Urban Ecosystems

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The importance of green spaces is increasingly acknowledged as an important aspect in urban development. Davide Geneletti calls on urban planners to properly understand the relationships between ecosystems and residents to make the most efficient use of the services ecosystems provide to cities and their residents.

Urban Green Spaces Are Our Most Effective Tool to Improve Urban Life

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Rapid urbanisation also means that the game for the quality of life and the health of the citizens will be won or lost in the cities. Barcelona-based architect Eloi Juvillà Ballester analyses the potential of urban green spaces as decisive component in this game.

Green Infrastructure in Mexico: A Booster for Healthier Cities

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Citizens of Mexico City face serious health issues – due to failures in urban planning, says Auribel Villa. Green infrastructure development significantly supports cities' ways towards becoming healthier and thus more liveable.

Promoting Healthy Municipalities in Central America and the Caribbean

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Municipal efforts to improve access to health care can reduce existing inequalities in Central America and the Caribbean, says Agustín Muñoz del Guayo.

Urban Sanity. Understanding Urban Mental Health Impacts and How to Create Saner, Happier Cities

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Does urban living threaten our mental health and happiness? Popular culture is rife with stories suggesting that city living causes emotional stress and unhappiness. Our author Todd Litman's review of the research indicates that city living has a variety of impacts on our mental health and happiness that reduce certain risks and increase others.

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