How Local Governments Can Support Micro-Businesses and Start-Ups

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Start-ups and Micro-businesses drive innovation and quality control and provide employment. The intervention of local governments can create conditions where such small businesses can thrive, says Ayodotun Stephen Ibidunni.

Saudi Arabia’s Smart Cities Program: Why Local Government is Imperative to Digital Transformation

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Cities can only become “smart” if they are responsive to their citizens – therefore, local governments need to take the lead in the digital transformation, says Bilal Saghir.

A Pulse for Cities: What Makes Open Contracting Essential to Modernizing City Governments

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Contracting is an unacknowledged superpower that cities have at their disposal to ensure high-quality service delivery to their citizens. Kathrin Frauscher explains how to go about it.

Islands of Integrity™: Replicating La Paz’s Successful Anti-corruption Experience

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How can cities effectively tackle corruption? Through a transformative process that involves those who are part of the problem, argue Ronald MacLean Abaroa and Ana Vasilache, who have developed their own successful anti-corruption methodology.

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