From Blade Runner to Habitat IV, Part II: How livelihoods can make or break the City of Tomorrow

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Part I presented two subsequent paradigms related to the world of work, Fordism and Post-Fordism. Subsequently, it was argued that there are two contrasting trends in the world of (urban) labour: flexibility and stability. This is the second and concluding part of the article, which includes considerations about policies.

From Blade Runner to Habitat IV – How livelihoods can make or break the City of Tomorrow

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"Our Struggle for Global Sustainability will be won or lost in cities", said Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, the former Secretary-General of the United Nations. The present article argues that our struggle for good urbanisation will be won or lost depending on the opportunities and conditions of work.

Municipalities in Eastern Serbia Champion Property Tax Collection

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By doubling their revenues through property taxation, nine Eastern Serbian municipalities are now able to finance projects vital to their communities.

The Role of Local Governments in Sustainable Urbanisation

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A key recommendation of the German Habitat Forum held in May 2016 in Berlin was that “cities need to be empowered as actors”. Urbanization not only implies geographical changes, but also a political change in order to manage growth. This is where local governments are most needed.

The Urban Informal Economy: Towards more inclusive Cities

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In many countries, informal employment still makes up a large proportion of the economy. Yet local governments often do nothing to protect these workers and instead they are frequently subject to discrimination. Marty Chen, Sally Roever and Caroline Skinner from the WIEGO Network show ways in which they can organize to claim their rights and be better included in urban policy processes.

A portfolio approach for urban investments

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The projects that are financed in an urban environment depend on a variety of factors. With the portfolio approach cities can determine which projects benefit them most in terms of profits and social benefits and can choose them accordingly.

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