Creating a low-carbon and equitable future: Cities IPCC sets blueprint for urban transformation

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At the end of three intensive days of Cities IPCC, scientists, policymakers and development experts set a global blueprint on how cities can be better places to live and meet the challenge of climate change. Stephen Leahy takes a look back and ahead.

Cities and scientists join forces in the fight against climate change

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More than 700 climate scientists and city planners have gathered in Edmonton this Monday for the CitiesIPCC—Cities and Climate Change Science Conference. The three-day gathering marks the first time cities rather than nation states are offered a seat at the table of the U.N.'s top scientific authority on global warming. At day one, data collection and analysis for effective emissions reduction and their potential for social inclusion has been the main focus, writes Stephen Leahy.

A Better Climate for Cities: CitiesIPCC Aims to Launch a New Research Agenda

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At next week’s CitiesIPCC conference, the urban and climate communities will brave the cold of Edmonton, Canada, to discuss some of the century’s hottest issues. From March 5-7, more than 700 delegates will seek to close a significant gap in our collective understanding of the role of cities in adapting and responding to climate change, and launch a global research agenda to inform the IPCC. Julie Greenwalt explains how the organising partner Cities Alliance is working to ensure that issues critical to the Global South will be emphasised at this landmark event.

“In urban policy we need to get to where climate policy is today” (video)

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The issue of urbanisation is gaining attention and cities are increasingly recognised as having a crucial role to play in achieving sustainable development. However, urban development has yet to become an integral part of the global political agenda. URBANET talked to Ani Dasgupta, Global Director of the WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities, about what needs to change to make urban development a political priority.

Cities for a better world (video)

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Cities are irrefutably linked to human history and development. To learn more about the relevance of cities for global sustainable development and for achieving a better world, URBANET provides you with a short explainer video by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

After COP23, it is now up to local and national leaders to act on their promises

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With COP23 now over, it is again up to nation states and local governments to act and implement their agreements. Wrapping up the reporting on the conference, Lou del Bello looks at coordinating climate action, and necessary changes in infrastructure and urban policy.

Hurricane Irma and its impact on Haitian cities

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With rising ocean water temperatures due to climate change, hurricanes are becoming stronger and last longer. This year, the Caribbean and parts of the US were hit by hurricane Irma, a particularly devastating storm. How can costal cities prepare for such disasters, and mitigate their effects? In an interview, Joseph Severe, Jean Frantz Jure and Nicolas Jean talk about the situation in Haiti.

COP23 enters second week: island states stress urgency to act

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COP23 continues into its second week: Rising ambition for climate protection is not enough, say mayors as cities, regions and business claim their place at the UN table. Being at the frontline of climate change impacts, island states call for urgent practical actions. Lou del Bello reports from Bonn.

Sustainable cities – towards a low-carbon and resilient future

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What does a sustainable urban future look like? In a new video, municipal officials, urban experts and local residents from around the world talk about urban challenges, solutions for climate-friendly cities and future needs for low-carbon urban development.

Cities & Climate Change | Infographics

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How does climate change impact cities and urban citizens around the world, and what can cities do to not further contribute to global warming? URBANET's infographics show current trends regarding issues such as water and energy supply, solid waste management, and urban green.

COP23 kicks off in Bonn: cities in the limelight

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On November 6, the UN Climate Change Conference (COP23) started in Bonn, Germany. Under the presidency of Fiji, for two weeks delegates from around the world are negotiating the implementation of the Paris Agreement with a focus on developing guidelines for transparency, emission reductions, provision of finance, and technology. What role do cities and regions play at COP23, and what is new compared to previous climate conferences? Lou del Bello reports from Bonn.

Cities are key for successful global climate policy

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The UN Climate Change Conference (COP23) starts next week. It is often stated that cities are key for implementing 2030 Agenda and the New Urban Agenda. But what exactly is needed for cities to fulfil this important role? Dirk Messner and Benno Pilardeaux call for better coordination, increased recognition on the global level, and more financial support.

Cycling in Bogotá and electric buses in Mexico City: CFF announces pilot projects

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C40 Cities Finance Facility (CFF) have announced their first pilot projects for low-carbon, resilient transportation in megacities. Bogotá and Mexiko City will be implementing new bicycle roads and electric bus services.

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