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Urban Climate Resilience

Building Safe and Equitable Climate-Resilient Cities for All

By |July 4th 2023|Basic Infrastructure & Housing, Climate Change & Resilience|

In the face of escalating climate-related disasters, Ron Harris and Jordana Vasquez from the Resilient Cities Network discuss strategies and tools for building resilient cities.

Urban Climate Resilience

Growing a Greener City: Erbil’s Roadmap to Climate Adaptation

By |June 27th 2023|Climate Change & Resilience, Urban Health|

In response to rapid urbanisation and climate change impacts in Erbil, Iraq, Sinam Hawro Yakoob, highlights how a community-driven initiative has set an ambitious goal of planting one million indigenous oak trees to enhance the city’s environment and its capacity to adapt to climate change.

Urban Climate Resilience

Scorching Cities: The Looming Heat Crisis in South Asia

By |June 20th 2023|Climate Change & Resilience, Urban Health|

Abhas Jha brings attention to the urgent heat crisis in South Asian cities, where rising temperatures threaten lives, livelihoods, and the economy while also exploring potential solutions to protect the most vulnerable.

Urban Climate Resilience

Building Bridges for Resilience: Bonn’s Impactful Network for Change

By |June 14th 2023|Climate Change & Resilience, Urban & Metropolitan Governance|

Resilience and preparedness are vital conditions for safeguarding the future of our cities. Stefan Wagner, Head of Germany’s Office for International Affairs and Global Sustainability in Bonn, illuminates the city’s new role as an MCR2030 Global Resilience Hub.

UN Habitat Assembly

United Nations Habitat Assembly: Affordable Housing for All

By |June 13th 2023|Basic Infrastructure & Housing, Global Urban Debates|

The second United Nations Habitat Assembly took place in Nairobi from June 5 – 9. Reuben Kyama attended the high-profile event which ended by adopting a historical resolution.

Urban Climate Resilience

Climate-Proofing Urban Bus Systems in Vietnam

By |June 6th 2023|Climate Change & Resilience, Urban Mobility|

The detrimental impact of extreme weather on Ho Chi Minh City's traffic system is one of the city’s most urgent challenges. Frederic Tesfay outlines ways to increase the resilience of the urban bus system.

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