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The Lagos Water Crisis: Any Role for the Private Sector?

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Lagos is suffering from severe water shortage due to profit-oriented politics. Akinbode Oluwafemi points out the conflicts and problems around the privatisation of the water sector and offers alternative solutions for one of the world’s most populous cities.

Why the Smart Cities Movement Will Change Indian Cities Profoundly

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The concept of 'smart cities' is celebrated globally as one solution to the problems of urbanisation. Jagan Shah argues that in India, the Smart Cities Mission helps to overcome outdated structures in urban planning and governance.

Land Governance: Catalyst for Sustainable Urban Development

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Without land reforms, sustainable urbanisation is set to fail, argues Danilo Antonio from UN-Habitat. In his article, he outlines the conflicting interests around land governance issues and points out ways to secure land access and property rights for all urban dwellers.

Localisation is Mobilisation: The 2030 Agenda in Asia-Pacific

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It is important to think locally when implementing the SDGs, argues Christopher Dekki. Countries in Asia-Pacific, such as Laos and Sri Lanka, are examples of this successful approach.

“The SDGs Are Critical in Everything That We Do”

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Political will is a huge factor for effective SDG implementation. Yet, it is equally important that people understand the SDGs as something that directly benefits their daily lives. We spoke to Dr. Isaac Mensa-Bonsu from Ghana’s National Development Planning Commission about their lessons learned in implementing the SDGs.

Interview: The Power of Decentralisation

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Ghana is one of the frontrunner countries dedicated to implementing the SDGs. Highlighting the local perspective, one area of implementation is the revision of the country's National Urban Policy. URBANET spoke to Sylvanus K. Adzornu from the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development about key drivers for successful implementation of SDGs.

Let’s talk about Urban Governance − Abidjan, Ivory Coast

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There has been consent in international debates that implementing the SDGs requires approaching them from a local perspective. In this very personal account, Alexis Gueu talks about the challenges the city of Abidjan, Ivory Coast is facing – and the urgent need for the municipality to develop urban governance structures to tackle these problems.

Why the Way We Work Together Will Determine Our Future

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In the third part of our series on the Talanoa Dialogues, Steven Bland from UN-Habitat blogs on the importance of effective multi-level governance for climate change action, and the steps UN-Habitat is taking to promote it.

Banking the Unbankable: Community Finance in Asia

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Most urban slum dwellers in Asian countries cannot access conventional systems of finance. To get a loan, you need to prove you are creditworthy. But without a pay slip, you are unbankable. People living in poor communities need access to loans and other forms of financing to develop solutions to the serious problems they face, writes Somsook Boonyabancha. With a variety of models and scales ranging from small community funds to national-level networks, community finance is a popular and growing tool that promises to open up new possibilities for the people most in need.

New approaches for pressing challenges

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Most people who are fleeing the war in Syria find shelter in the neighbouring countries. Their host communities are facing the challenge of providing services to a growing population, especially concerning water and energy supply and waste management. A partnership programme makes it possible for municipalities to exchange knowledge and jointly work on solutions.

Small towns, rural-urban linkages and regional development

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Regional development that includes urban and rural areas, people and enterprises is crucial for sustainable development. This is especially the case for low and middle income countries undergoing the urban transition, and for countries where employment opportunities need to be created in both urban and rural areas for a growing and youthful population.

Where there’s a will there’s a way: Vertical Partnerships for a Sustainable Future

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The international community has come a long way when it comes to sustainable development. The next step is to continue the partnerships that helped create these frameworks and bring them down to the level of implementation.

Mozambique’s Stand-by Generation

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In the International Development world, “youth” constitutes a critical variable to look at in any given country. Policy makers believe that more educated generations with better health and economic conditions than their parents are the absolute precondition for achieving long-term economic and social development. They are also aware that a frustrated youth is a serious threat to political stability and economic growth.

“We need to develop urban rights” – An interview with Claudio Orrego, mayor of Santiago de Chile

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Santiago de Chile is one of the most well-developed and safe cities in Latin America. We spoke to its mayor Claudio Orrego not only about what metropolitan governance means in Santiago, but also about the current situation in Chile, how urban justice can be enforced and why it is so important to invest in public goods for the urban poor.

“This is a very good moment for change” – Interview with Jorge Wolpert, former Executive Director of Urban Development, Land and Housing in Mexico

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In an interview with URBANET, former Executive Director of Urban Development, Land and Housing of Mexico's Ministry of Agrarian, Territorial & Urban Development (Sedatu). Jorge Wolpert explains what specific challenges Mexican cities are facing in terms of sustainable urban development.

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